My name is Elkin Primartha Khunsu, I'm a Web Developer based in Indonesia. I have 2 years web development experience and I'm available to work with you.
Look at my Portfolio and make a right descision.


Here i'd like to describe all my professional experience and skills.


February 2016

PT Aptamedia Indonesia

Web Developer

  • Building base backend and Working with API for ERP project
  • Working closely with product and other engineering teams to implement new features and enhancements
  • Document and develop the API used by our mobile application and web.
  • Implement new features and improve existing ones
  • Colaborate with team buidling enterprise service bus (ESB) core sibisnis.com
  • Analysis function and refactoring code for migration system API core
  • Optimization of the application for maximum speed and scalability
  • June 2015
    February 2016

    MNC KabelMediacom (Playmedia)

    Full Stack Web Developer

  • Create new project HR web based application with team
  • Create UI for backend web application HR from yii2
  • Adding new feature design for project HR
  • Responsibility to SPV
  • Maintenance web if any bug
  • September 2014
    February 2016

    PT Darya-Varia Laboratoria Tbk

    IT Support

  • Application support (Handle troubleshoot applications were used by field staff by remote and phone)
  • Help solve problems such as the obstacles software malware in laptop user by remote if out head office and head office
  • Maintenance branch darya varia pada PT. Apl (Adding a new computer unit, installation network, install the computer software update and anti malware)
  • Support webinar side project (Conference seminars among cities by using a video conference)
  • Help solve problems hardware laptop and tablet used by user
  • Make side project web application inventory by using .net and sql server 2010
  • Help to provide backup laptop to field user if obstacles the problem in laptop
  • April 2014
    September 2014

    PT Putra Mulia Telecommunication

    IT Helpdesk

  • Industry           : Telecommunication
  • Specialization : IT/Computer - Network/System/Database Admin
  • Role                  :System Administrator
  • Position           : LevelFresh Grad / Less than 1 year experience
  • 2013


    Frontend Web Developer

    Create design layout frontend web for ikaarta.com and elastri.com



    Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jakarta

    Teknik Informatika

    Information technology includes the science of computers and communication tools that are used to store, retrieve and transform data. Such equipment has been used to store data for thousands of years, but it was only in the 1940s systems of electronic computers appeared. Since then the computer and how to manage information evolved significantly. Ranging from database management systems and data transmission up to the role of information technology in trade and ethics behind the storage of information, in the information technology department, you will learn a variety of specialization courses of computer and technology systems.



    UBV (UPN Band Veteran) Jakarta

    Litbang SDM

    By the time I served as the Division of Research and Development Organisation first thing I do is make a list of mailing and telephone number of young members UBV 2011, which is then processed to scheduling a daily picket. Then make a list of members which said passive (rarely participated in the UBV) for reference so that a persuasive approach to the passive members.

    Critical points of UBV members is completed basic education. After DIKSAR Many younger members who resigned via sms and disappear from circulation in UBV granted.

    As R & D organizations / HRD, I did a persuasive approach to the members who resigned and disappeared from circulation.

    Besides, me and helped members of other UBV make Member List UBV, which starts from the generation in 1995 to 2011 for the future is always updated.

    As an additional workshop that I do outside proker due to the demand of members. UBV because I think in a lot of science that can be in the UBV besides music and organization. The additional workshops as follows:

  • Motivation Workshop music
  • Program Workshop
  • Workshop Sound System
  • Skills


    Here i'd like to describe all my professional experience and skills.

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    Here i'd like to describe all my professional experience and skills.